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Hi, I'm Wolfgang Wagner. I'm the new maintainer of the NAGIOS-WSC project.

I've merged some new extensions (thx to "theifish") and enhancements to the project.

The result is published at the project page on sourceforge.

The main advantage is that this plugin allows to check several windows hosts (e.g. within one domain) by accessing them through just one gateway host.

Have a look for new features in version 1.2 under What's new in v1.2.

The webservice offers calls to check

  • all fixed disks within a Windows box with just one Nagios call
  • show the uptime in hours and last booted time of a machine
  • a list of services whether they are in a running state
  • eventlog
  • memory usage
  • cpu usage
  • running processes
  • disk queue
  • WMI through a generic call
  • and more ...

If you download and try out the software, please let me know how you're getting on in the forums on the project site hosted on sourceforge.
The documentation provided should give all information on installation and usage of the plug-in.

From time to time you'll find some more stuff for Nagios plug-ins on my own page.

The original creator of this project is fjthomas - Thanks for his idea.

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